How do I become a certified forklift mechanic?

How hard is it to be a forklift mechanic?

Work is often physically demanding and may occur in noisy surroundings. Forklift mechanics should have strong attention to detail, physical strength, customer service and problem-solving skills; dexterity; and the ability to use troubleshooting software, complex diagnostic equipment and tools.

How much money does a forklift mechanic make?

Forklift Mechanic Salary

Percentile Salary Location
10th Percentile Forklift Mechanic Salary $33,717 US
25th Percentile Forklift Mechanic Salary $42,501 US
50th Percentile Forklift Mechanic Salary $52,149 US
75th Percentile Forklift Mechanic Salary $63,604 US

What does a forklift technician do?

A Forklift Mechanic is responsible for the servicing, maintenance and repair of forklifts. A Forklift Mechanic may also be a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. In this case, they could be responsible for the smooth running and maintenance of tractors, graders, cranes and bulldozers.

Are forklifts hard to repair?

Forklifts and other material handling equipment are rugged machines, built to work hard, but they’re not invincible. All too often we end up doing expensive repairs on equipment that could have been avoided had the machine been properly maintained.

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How do you maintenance a forklift?

6 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Help You Maintain Safety

  1. Inspect your machine daily as part of a comprehensive forklift maintenance plan. …
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. …
  3. Check your forklift’s tires regularly. …
  4. Clean your forklifts weekly as part of your forklift maintenance plan.


What is a heavy equipment technician?

Heavy equipment technicians maintain, repair, and overhaul heavy vehicles and industrial equipment. Maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment may include: internal combustion engines and components, both stationary and mobile, … towed on-highway and off-highway vehicles, commonly called trailers.

What is the highest paid mechanic?

The highest paid mechanic specialty is the repair of aircraft. On average, aircraft mechanics earned ​$64,090​ per year in 2019, according to the BLS.

What are the 7 classes of forklifts?

The 7 Classes of Forklift Trucks

  • Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks.
  • Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks.
  • Class 3: Electric Motor Hand or Hand-Rider Trucks.
  • Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks—Cushion Tires.
  • Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks—Pneumatic Tires.

What state pays diesel mechanics the most?

Detailed List Of Diesel Mechanic Salaries By State

Rank State Adjusted Salary
1 Wyoming $60,076
2 Nevada $53,533
3 North Dakota $52,012
4 Illinois $51,849

Why are forklifts so expensive?

Because the higher the forklift’s capacity, the higher the price. And that’s simply because more material is required to manufacture the truck. For instance, a 10,000 lb. capacity truck can cost nearly twice as much as a 5,000 lb.

How much does it cost to repair a forklift?

You will have the regular maintenance costs of $720, along with $1,500 for another major interval service. You will also probably need to replace the forks and tires. Let’s assume new forks cost $700 and new tires cost $500. Add these costs up to get $3,420 and divide by 1,500 to get an average cost per hour of $2.28.

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How soon should repairs be made to a forklift?

The more you use your forklift, the more often you should have it serviced by a factory trained technician. A forklift that gets heavy use might require a forklift maintenance visit every 90 days. Be sure to keep a copy of the items inspected on file in case OSHA requests that information.

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