How do I find out what year my forklift is?

How do I tell what year my forklift is?

Since 1995, the last character (letter) of a Hyster or Yale forklift serial number designates the year of manufacture. The letters “I,” “O,” and “Q” are not used since they are easily misread.

How do I tell what year my Clark forklift is?

Don’t panic. A Clark forklift’s serial number can be found physically stamped right on its frame. Often, this number is stamped in the left-hand frame member of the chassis. For example, to the right is the frame stamp from the forklift shown above.

Where is the serial number on a forklift?

What to do if forklift nameplate is worn, damaged or unreadable. If the nameplate is worn, damaged or unreadable, then all is not lost. In many cases a forklift’s serial number can be located in the electronics system. It can also be found on its frame as a numerical metal stamp.

Does a forklift have a VIN number?

Serial numbers are critical for ordering the correct parts for forklifts. But what if your forklift’s nameplate has fallen off or worn down? … In many cases, a Toyota forklift’s serial number can be found physically stamped somewhere on its frame.

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How do you read a Komatsu Forklift serial number?

Most common place for nameplate on Komatsu forklift is next to the steering wheel, on the right side or next to the driver’s seat, on the right. Komatsu forklift’s serial number can sometimes also be found stamped on its chassis. If you are missing data plate or you cant read from it, try searching on the chassis.

How do you decode a Yale forklift serial number?

To figure out the year your Yale forklift was manufactured, you’ll need to read the serial number and look for a letter in the last position. In the example image the serial number is B875B04662D. The last letter in the serial number is D so using the legend below, the year of manufacture is 2006.

How do I identify my Clark forklift?

The CLARK serial number is stamped into the serial number plate, which is usually located in the operator’s compartment on the hood or the instrument panel. If the serial number plate is missing or illegible, you can find the serial number stamped into the frame.

How much does a Clark forklift weigh?

Clark CMP25 forklift weighs 8,254 lbs. or 3752 kg.

What engine is in my Clark forklift?

The new forklift is powered by PSI’s certified 2.4-liter LPG engine. According to PSI, the 4-cylinder, premium engine incorporates design features and enhancements that provide power, efficiency, durability, and noise and vibration advantages over its competition.

How do you read a Toyota forklift serial number?

The model series is followed by a series of letters, the first of which designates the category of the industrial vehicle. A “B” after the model series designator indicates the forklift has baselegs, which is commonly seen in model numbers for reach trucks and walkie stackers.

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What class is a walkie forklift?

Class III equipment includes electric pallet jacks, stackers, and tow tractors. This class of equipment comes in both rider and walk behind (“walkie”) models, perfect for unloading deliveries and moving loads to a staging area where they can be handled by other types of forklifts.

How old is my crown forklift?

In some cases, a Crown forklift’s serial number can also be found physically stamped somewhere on its frame. Below is a collection of images that show you where you can find your forklift’s serial number, either by way of its nameplate or its frame stamp.

How much does a Toyota forklift cost?

A Toyota forklift’s cost mainly depends on the fuel type and model. Generally, a 5,000lbs lifting capacity, electric Toyota forklift model sells for around $18,000-$25,000, with a battery and charger around $2,000-$5,000. In comparison, a 5,000lbs internal combustion model costs between $15,000-$30,000.

What are the types of forklifts?

10 Common Forklift Types, Classifications and Uses

  • Warehouse Forklift.
  • Side Loader.
  • Counterbalance Forklift.
  • Telehandler.
  • Industrial Forklift.
  • Rough Terrain Forklift.
  • Pallet Jack.
  • Walkie Stacker.


Is Yale a good forklift?

Yale has been manufacturing material handling equipment since 1875 and is recognized as one of the oldest, most trusted forklift manufacturers in the world. … No matter the industry, or if your business is large or small, Yale has forklift designed for your business!

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