How do I reset my forklift cat code?

How do you clear CAT engine codes?

Logged Codes can be erased simply by a technician using Cat ET. Logged Events – these are Events that affect the health of the engine, such as low oil pressure or high coolant temperature. The technician can erase them with ET but he needs factory passwords to do it. This is usually done when the engine is overhauled.

How do you clear the codes on a Hyster forklift?


  1. Disconnect battery + connection.
  2. Replace display. See Electrical System 2200YRM1427 or Electrical System 2200YRM1327 .
  3. Restore battery connection.
  4. Turn truck power ON and press both the Scroll arrow buttons for two seconds.


How do you clear the error code on a Nissan Forklift?

To erase your Nissan forklift codes, the repairs must first be made. Following the necessary repairs, return to Diagnostic Mode. Hold the accelerator down for a minimum of 10 seconds, then release the accelerator and the Nissan forklift codes should be erased.

What does E32 mean on a forklift?

Mitsubishi forklift error codes

Error Code Explanation
E30 ECCS C/U error signal
E31 Electronic control throttle control error signal
E32 Overhear signal (STEP 1)
E33 Overheat signal (STEP 2)
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How do I get c15 flash codes?

Turn the cruise control ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. Move the SET/RESUME switch to either position. Hold that position until the yellow lamp begins to flash. The yellow lamp will flash in order to indicate a two digit flash code and the SET/RESUME switch may be released.

What is an FMI code?

Failure Mode Identifier (FMI) Codes on J1939 data link. The FMI is used along with the SPN to provide specific information that relates to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). The FMI may indicate that a problem with an electronic circuit or an electronic component has been detected.

How do you reset a forklift?

Toyota forklift maintenance reset

  1. Press and hold buttons B and D simultaneously for 2 seconds. A short beep should sound both at the beginning of the 2 seconds and after 2 seconds has passed. …
  2. Press button C within 10 seconds. …
  3. Within 10 seconds, press and hold buttons B and D simultaneously for 2 seconds.


What is the average lifespan of a forklift?

The average lifespan of a forklift is 10,000 hours.

It’s also important to mention that it’s common to see forklifts last more than 20,000 hours from higher-quality brands such as Toyota.

How do you reset a Nissan TCM?

Press and hold the brake pedal, then press and release the gas pedal. The A/T CHECK light should flash on and off in a pattern. Put the shifter in park, and turn off the car. When You restart the car, the TCM will be reset.

How do you clear a Nissan code?

  1. Turn ignition “ON” (without starting vehicle), count to 3 seconds.
  2. Depress/Release accelerator pedal 5 times… …
  3. Count to 10 seconds (not 7!) and fully depress accelerator pedal.
  4. Count to 12 seconds (SERVICE ENGINE SOON should be blinking), release accelerator pedal.
  5. Count to 10 seconds, depress accelerator pedal.
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