How do you make a scissor lift move up and down?

How does a scissor lift work?

In the simplest terms, hydraulic scissor lifts operate by pushing liquid from one area to another. … That causes the scissor legs to be pushed apart, which in turn raises the platform. The level of fluid can be maintained by a check valve, which allows the operator to maintain the platform at a constant height.

How do you move a scissor lift forward?

To drive forward or backward, make sure that the platform control unit is activated, select (lift-off-drive) switch to drive position, activate and hold enable trigger switch, move controller joystick forward or backward to desired speed and direction of scissor lift travel.

How do you turn on a scissor lift?

How To Operate A Scissor Lift

  1. Pull out the emergency stop button on the control panel.
  2. Select “platform” with off/platform/base select key switch.
  3. Enter the platform.
  4. Pull out the emergency stop button on the platform control panel.

Do scissor lifts have ground controls?

This switch guards against unintentional initiation of a function. … Ground Control Panel – The panel, on the turntable of a boom lift or the drive chassis of a scissor lift that allows the lift functions to be operated from the ground. There are no drive or steer controls on the ground control panel.

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Can anyone use a scissor lift?

Yes, you do. Scissor lifts can be dangerous and can cause accidents leading to personal injuries as well as structural and equipment damage. Current regulations state that all personnel who work with or near scissor lifts must be trained and licenced.

How much does a scissor lift Cost?

Scissor lifts usually cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Larger models sell for as much as $50,000. A standard 30- to 40-foot boom lift costs between $25,000 to $75,000.

How do you extend a platform on a scissor lift?

  1. To extend/retract powered extension platform, ensure ” ” emergency stop button is pulled. …
  2. For platform control console with toggle switch: Select lift/off/drive switch to ” For platform control console with rotary switch: …
  3. On powered extension control console, press and. hold ” ” enable switch, then push extend/retract.

Can you move a scissor lift while elevated?

Employers should ensure that scissor lifts are stable and will not tip over or collapse. … Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe movement—this usually rules out moving the lift in an elevated position.

Do you need a Banksman when using a scissor lift?

Usually, in a Scissor Lift, there is no requirement to wear the harness/lanyard unless the site rule states differently. 2) Also does everyone who works at height in the MEWP require IPAF training or just the operator advise please. IPAF is not a legal requirement.

Do you need IPAF for scissor lift?

A PAL Card, IPAF Card, IPAF Licence or certificate is what you need to prove you have the right training and experience to use powered access equipment (eg. Cherry pickers or Scissor Lifts).

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Do you need training to use a scissor lift?

Course Requirements

If you are looking to attend a scissor lift training course there are providers up and down the country who will train you up to the an IPAF level. IPAF is the nationally recognised governing body dedicated to the training of MEWP, such as scissors lifts as well as boom lifts operatives.

Special equipment and operation