How much does a Genie scissor lift weight?

Specificatijon Value
Capacity 500 lb
Machine Width 2 ft 8 in
Machine Length 6 ft
Weight 2,929 lb

How much does a 26 ft scissor lift weight?

Machine Weight: 4975 lb / 2256.62 kg. Drive Speed – Platform Elevated: 0.50 mph / 0.80 km/h. Drive Speed – Platform Lowered: 2.50 mph / 4.02 km/h.

How much does a scissors lift weight?

You can expect an average scissor lift weight to be about 4,412 pounds (2,001 kg) for a medium to a large size scissor lift. This is about 1.5 times the weight of an average car.

How much does a 16 foot scissor lift weight?

18/25 sec. 1,091 lbs.

How much does a 32 foot scissor lift weight?

32 ft. Electric Scissor Lift Picture and Specifications. Weight: 4,975 lbs.

How wide is a 26 ft scissor lift?

BIM Files

Dimensional Data
Machine Height – Rails Folded 6 ft 6 in. / 1.97 m
Machine Length 8 ft 3 in. / 2.5 m
Machine Width 3 ft 10 in. / 1.17 m
Platform Dimension A 8 ft 3 in. / 2.5 m
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How high can scissor lifts go?

Depending on the model, expect a scissor lift to extend from ten to sixty feet. However, most scissor lifts have working heights that range from 20 to 40 feet. Scissor lifts tend to have less vertical elevation than other types of aerial lifts.

How many hours does a scissor lift last?

A scissor lift will only count the hours as it is in motion, so if you are hanging drywall or doing electrical, it’s not counting those hours. So, we would say that a scissor lift can last about 500 to 1,000 hours of movement.

Can a scissor lift fit through door?

Electric scissor lifts have a powered drive mechanism and four wheels for smooth movement around a job site. These lifts are meant for both indoor and outdoor work. When they are collapsed or folded, they can fit through standard doorways. Scissor lifts have fixed-frame wheelbases for extra stability.

How much does a 20 ft scissor lift weigh?


Make Model Weight
Genie GS-2032 3503 lbs
JLG 2030ES 3750 lbs
JLG 203200 3910 lbs
Skyjack SJIII 3226 3510 lbs

How much does a Genie scissor lift Cost?

The average purchase price for a 19ft scissor lift ranges between $10,000 and $16,000. If your company knows for certain that you have continuous work for your Genie, then it might be better to buy. But, most construction companies only need one for a day or two, now and again, and so would rather rent than buy.

How high can a genie lift go?

The compact, portable design rolls through standard single doorways and loads easily into a pickup truck. It also lifts up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of material up to 11 ft 5.5 in (3.49 m) and up to 650 lbs (295 kg) to heights of up to 26 ft . 5 in (7.94 m).

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What are the different size scissor lifts?

Each is designed to reach a certain height and work on certain types of jobs.

  • ○ 19-ft. Scissor Lift.
  • ○ 26-ft. Scissor Lift.
  • ○ 32-ft. Scissor Lift.
  • ○ 45-ft. Scissor Lift.
  • ○ 50-ft. Scissor Lift.

Are scissor lifts safe?

Scissor lifts provide a safe and reliable platform for workers to perform job tasks when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When not used properly, scissor lifts can present a serious hazard to workers. Employers are responsible for keeping workers safe.

What is the smallest Genie Lift?

The Genie Runabouts are essentially a small scissor lift. They come in 12, 15, and 20 feet reach, all with very small footprints. This makes them a great choice for indoor work as they can fit through standard doorways and fit in most elevators.

How much does a scissor lift Cost?

Scissor lifts usually cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Larger models sell for as much as $50,000. A standard 30- to 40-foot boom lift costs between $25,000 to $75,000.

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