Frequent question: Are Snapper mowers good?

Snapper is a well-known and trusted brand that has been dominating the mower’s market now. Even, you will find very few alternatives to this brand in choosing the best lawnmower. In addition, Snapper Lawn Mowers will allow you to cut grass smoothly. And you easily can operate them.

Who is Snapper lawn mowers made by?

As a part of the Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Snapper headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The American company provides more than 3,000 American jobs, assembling Briggs engines in plants throughout the United States.

Why do people like Snapper mowers?

Snapper is known in the outdoor-equipment business not for huge volume but for quality, reliability, durability. A well-maintained Snapper lawn mower will last decades; many customers buy the mowers as adults because their fathers used them when they were kids.

Are Snapper Zero Turn Lawn Mowers any good?

Snapper 360Z is one of the best zero turn mowers available in the market for residential mowing and even commercial use.


Performance: (4.5 / 5)
Durability: (4.0 / 5)
Comfort: (4.5 / 5)
Price: (4.5 / 5)
Overall: (4.4 / 5)
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Is Snapper Pro a good mower?

Snapper Pro S200XT is quality commercial zero-turn mower. It offers high performance and comes with great maneuverability. The consistent cutting quality and durability is a sign of brilliant engineering. If you’re looking for a quality zero turn at a great price this may be the mower for you!

Who owns Snapper mowers now?

In 2002 Snapper was acquired by Simplicity Manufacturing, which was then acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. Since then the Snapper brand name has been added to products such as weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, among others.

Who makes Snapper mowers for Walmart?

Walmart will now carry three of Briggs & Stratton’s Snapper brand lawn mowers. Briggs & Stratton Corp. said Thursday that three of its Snapper brand walk lawn mower models will be sold at Walmart beginning this month.

Is Snapper better than Toro?

If you do more mulching… the toro is better suited. I think the snappers bag better & push easier. BTW, I have used both machines for over 5 years.

Is Snapper owned by Briggs and Stratton?

Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment, and is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of power generation, pressure washer, lawn and garden, turf care and job site products through its Briggs & Stratton®, Simplicity®, Snapper®, Ferris®, Vanguard®, …

Is Snapper and Ferris the same?

Ferris and Snapper Pro are brands of the Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group. The Power Products Group is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lawn and garden and turf care equipment through its Simplicity®, Snapper®, Ferris® and Snapper Pro® brands.

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Who makes the most reliable lawn tractor?

Among the nine lawn tractor brands in our survey results, John Deere is the only brand that was rated Excellent for both predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. The runner-up is Husqvarna, which was rated Very Good for reliability and owner satisfaction.

What model snapper do I have?

Look for a white tag on the back of the mower, which, on most models, is located on the lower corner of the frame just below the floor pan. On the tag you should see the model number to the left of the serial number.

How do you start a snapper SPX riding mower?

How do I start my Snapper lawn mower?

  1. Check the oil in the lawn mower engine.
  2. Fill the fuel tank.
  3. Push the stop switch (if equipped).
  4. Turn the fuel shut-off valve (if equipped).
  5. Operate the mower engine in the fast position.
  6. Engines with primer: For most temperature conditions, firmly push the primer bulb three times.

What does Snapper mean?

1 : one that snaps: such as. a : something (such as a remark) that gives new orientation to a situation or utterance. b(1) : snapping turtle. (2) : click beetle.

What is Snapper Pro?

Snapper Pro® commercial mowers are where innovation meets common sense practicality to keep you mowing season after season. … Our lineup includes zero turn mowers, walk behind models, stand on mowers and a link of mower attachments for the highest quality, most efficient commercial landscaping equipment.

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