How do you adjust the belt tension on a riding lawn mower?

How do you tighten the belt on a Craftsman riding lawn mower?

Turn the adjustment bolt on the side, top or bottom of the pulley counterclockwise with the ratchet and socket until the accessory belt is loose enough to remove. Tighten the tensioner pulley by turning the adjustment bolt clockwise with the ratchet and socket until the belt is tight.

Why does the belt keep coming off my riding mower?

The drive belt may come off a riding mower because it is damaged or loose. … If broken or worn, the belt can break while the engine runs, and it can fly off at a great velocity, which is highly dangerous. Check the belt for looseness, cracks, fraying or separation from the rest of the assembly, and replace if necessary.

What type of belt Cannot have its tension adjusted?

There are a few different ways to adjust the drive belt or V-belt tension in a vehicle. The most popular used nowadays is a serpentine belt that connects to and activates every pulley in the engine. These serpentine belts require no tension adjustment as they incorporate an automatic belt tensioner.

What is proper belt tension?

The proper tension is the lowest tension at which the belt won’t slip or squeal under peak load.

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How do I know if my lawn mower belt is bad?

These signs show when a mower belt could experience failure and needs replacement as soon as possible:

  1. The belt has s​​​ide wall damage. Mower belt edges should be smooth and even throughout the entire length of the belt. …
  2. The belt has a glazed or bu​rned sidewall. …
  3. The belt is​​ cracked.


Why is my lawn mower belt smoking?

If the belt is actually smoking then something is causing it to slip or rubbing on it. … Wear on the outer flat side of the belt indicates a problem with an idler pulley. More wear on one edge of the V-side than on the other indicated a drive pulley that is out of position and forcing the belt out of line.

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