What is a mower deck belt?

The deck belt on your riding lawn mower connects the crank shaft to the lawn mower blades, causing them to turn. … Lower the deck height to the lowest position, lowering the mower deck onto the blocks. Depending on the model, your lawn mower will have either a lever engagement or PTO engagement.

What is the difference between a deck belt and drive belt?

deck belts usually last about 1/2 the time a drive belt does they also get more debris around the pulleys and take much more punishment than drive belts.

When should I replace my mower deck belt?

There’s no definite amount of time that a mower belt is supposed to last, but increased mower use shortens the interval in which a belt needs replacement. Simply put, more use equals more wear. Additionally, faulty belts or mechanical failures like a seized pulley can make lawn mower belts break prematurely.

What causes mower deck belts to break?

A common cause of belt breakage is excessive grass clippings on the deck. Grass clippings can work their way under pulleys and deck covers, causing series problems. Make sure to clean off your deck after every mower use and follow manufacturer recommendations.

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Are Kevlar belts better for lawn mowers?

Overall the Kevlar v belts are stronger and standout as the primary choice for several applications. However, Kevlar belts are not a quick fix for machines with multiple belt failures! In the majority of cases, there is an underlying issue causing the breakage and not the belt itself.

How do I know if my V belt is worn out?

A correctly fitting V belt should slightly extend out of the pulley groove. If it extends out too high the belt may wear below the cord member. When a V belt rides below the edge of the groove this is usually a sign of a worn belt, worn pulley, or an incorrectly sized belt.

Can a mower deck belt stretch?

Yes, lawnmower belts can stretch. … When it stretches more than it should, it can result in the drive belts lose grip on the pulley system. When that happens, the efficiency of mowers takes a dip.

Why does my deck belt keep coming off Cub Cadet?

If the bearings in the pulleys fail at all, then the pulley will slip against the belt and cause belt wear. It also will throw the belt off if it freezes when it heats up. So check all the pulleys to make sure that they spin without ANY noise at all or vibrations.

Can you fix a broken lawn mower belt?

The mower won’t move with a broken or worn drive belt. Replace the drive belt with a manufacturer-approved replacement part if it’s worn or broken. This drive belt replacement procedure works for common Craftsman, Toro, Troybilt, MTD, Husqvarna, Poulan, Murray and Ariens front-wheel drive walk-behind lawn mowers.

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Who makes the best lawn mower belts?

10 Best V Belts For Lawn Mowers

  • MTD Genuine Parts. MTD 954-0370 Belt-V Lawn Mower Part. …
  • MTD Genuine Parts. MTD Lawn Mower Part # 954-0125A Belt-V Type. …
  • Exmark. eXmark Zero Turn Lawn Mower 108-6645 Belt-V New OEM. …
  • Exmark. …
  • Exmark. …
  • (New) (2) B142 V Belts 5/8 x 145in V Belt fits Other Models. …
  • Briggs & Stratton. …
  • MTD Genuine Parts.

How much does it cost to replace the belt on a riding lawn mower?

Belts themselves are $10 to $35 but the bulk of the cost of their replacement is constituted by the labor to do so – for example if there is simple underdeck access, or the entire deck must be pulled entirely from the undermount, followed by shroud removal(s), followed by reassembly.

How do you measure a lawn mower deck belt?

How to Measure Lawn Mower Belts

  1. Lay the belt flat on a hard surface.
  2. Measure the belt by wrapping the cloth tape measure around the belt. For broken belts, simply measure the total length of the belt.
  3. Hold the cloth tape measure against the length or width of the belt depending upon which measurement you need.


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