What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

Can you die in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

A Wonderful Life features new characters and bachelorettes, as well as an entirely new town. It is the only Harvest Moon game in the series to date where people visibly age around you, your child grows into an adult, and the main player can die.

How do you get the free seed maker in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

Free Seed Maker

Befriend the scientist by giving him gifts, and he will give you the seed maker for free at the beginning of the second year.

What does SP mean in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

Sp is spirit….. low spirit means the char is verry unhappy……..

How do you get a raccoon in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

This is possible, but you have to stay up until 3 in the morning, and go press Z and stare at the racoon for three hours. Vesta will come out and give it to you, also this animal just waks around your farm, it’s not like a dog or cat.

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How do you befriend tartan?

To befriend Tartan you must talk to him for one (real time) hour, but you don’t have to befriend him in one sitting. You can easily put aside a small piece of your day devoted to befriending Tartan (maybe 5-10 minutes), and after several days you will likely have befriended him.

Can you play Harvest Moon forever?

Most Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons games let you play forever, and no one ever ages, and nothing ever changes (except marriage and children, who mostly don’t grow up either).

How do you befriend Daryl?

Befriend Daryl and exit your house around 7PM. You’ll see Daryl going up to the spring with a little black musical note above his head—meaning he’s happy and up to something. You’ll automatically follow him.

How do you get the golden egg in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

Each day (provided your Chickens are happy enough), an Egg will appear underneath a female Chicken. Pick the Chicken up, move them out of the way, and then pick up the Egg. Place these little oval treasures in the Dairy Bin, collecting the following amounts of Gold for each type of Egg: Normal Egg: 40 G.

How do you start harvest moon a wonderful life?

Getting Started

  1. Purchase a Hoe from the Ledger as well as some seeds from Vesta in your first day, leaving at least 1000 G in reserve. …
  2. Plant the crops that you purchased as soon as your Hoe arrives, remembering to water them twice a day.


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How do you gain SP in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

SP is Spirit, it allows you to do more work without getting tired. You can raise it by making friends. Just generally talking to the other villagers and giving them gifts (: Watching TV also slightly raises the spirit, but nothing to note an increase of.

How do you befriend Cody in Harvest Moon?

Cody’s Art

Befriend Cody and enter his house in the morning. He’ll have a piece of artwork to put up in your house. You can have it put in either your bedroom or the living room. This scene won’t occur before chapter 4.

How do you get racoon from Vesta?

(DUCKS WILL NOT LAY EGGS) Raccoon: Befriend Vesta and her brother Merlin. (Just in case you don’t know who they are, they are the two people that Celia lives with.) After you befriend them, you should get a veggie juice and a weird hoe. Then you will get the raccoon from Vesta.

How do you get the Chihuahua in Harvest Moon?

To obtain the chihuahua you must not only befriend both Carter and Flora, but in every chapter find a mysterious tablet. You can only find one each chapter unless you didn’t in one, so you make up for it by finding two in another.

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