What kind of oil does a John Deere X320 take?

Bronze Member. Victory Pete said: I have an X320 and 2320. I use John Deere Plus-50 II Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 0W-40 in the 2320.

How much oil does a John Deere X320 take?

Mid-mount John Deere 48X (Xtra Mower) – 1,220 mm (48 in) mower deck with 3-blade and manual lift.

John Deere X320 Specifications.

General Specifications
Model John Deere X320
Starter type Electric starter
Oil type 10W-30
Oil capacity 2.1 L (2.2 US.qt.)

What kind of oil does a John Deere X320 use?

The John Deere 102 mower has a recommended oil capacity of 1.5 quarts. The manufacturer also recommends the use of SAE oil such as 5W-30, 10W-30 or 15W-40, based on air temperature where you will be using the mower.

What kind of oil does a John Deere x320 take?

Engine Oil
Oil capacity: 1.8 qts 1.7 L
Oil change: 100 h

What oil do I use in my John Deere riding mower?

John Deere prefers that 10W-30 be used in all its gasoline-powered engines, including those on riding mowers. The “W” indicates that the oil was tested at low air temperatures. A 10W-30 weight engine oil is viscous even at temperatures as low as negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Can you use synthetic oil in a John Deere lawn mower?

Yes! We have modified our engine oil recommendations to state that you may now use a synthetic 5W30 (100074WEB) or 10W30 oil in all temperature ranges. Keep in mind that the use of synthetic oil does not prevent you from performing your regularly scheduled lawn mower maintenance (i.e. check oil, change oil, etc.).

What years did John Deere make the X320?

John Deere X320 Serial Number:

2008: 085001. 2009: 120001. 2010: 150001. 2011: 180001.

How much oil do I put in my John Deere lawn mower?

New 10W30 motor oil and filters (available at TriGreen dealers); know your mower’s model & serial number to get the right filter. Oil catch pan or other container to drain old oil into (bucket, large coffee can, etc.); typical John Deere mowers hold two quarts of oil.

Is SAE 30 the same as 10W30?

They are not the same. Yes, the lower operating grade after the parameter W is the same on both-30. But SAE 30 is a mono grade oil and 10W30 is a multi grade. Straight SAE 30 grade oil keeps its 30 grade viscosity characteristic on different temperature.

What kind of oil do you use for a riding lawn mower?

SAE 30- Warmer temperatures, most common oil for small engines. SAE 10W-30- Varying temperature range, this grade of oil improves cold-weather starting, but may increase oil consumption. Synthetic SAE 5W-30- Best protection at all temperatures as well as improved starting with less oil consumption.

Can you mix 5w30 and 10W30?

Can you mix 5W30 and 10W30? The simple answer is YES; you can mix the two oils; not just because they have the same weight, but because it is safe to mix two different engine oils.

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Can you use synthetic oil in lawn tractor?

Any two-stroke motor oil made for air-cooled engines, such those in chainsaws, water pumps and weed eaters, will work perfectly in your two-stroke lawn mower engine. SAE 30 Oil: Engine oil best suited for warmer temperatures. SAE 5w-30 Synthetic Oil: Synthetic mower oil good for warm and cold weather use.

Who makes John Deere Turf Gard oil?

Chevron formulates and packages John Deere Plus-50 and Northland makes the 0w-40 in the continental United States. In Europe it is made by Petro-Canada.

Can you use synthetic blend oil in a lawn mower?

Using non-recommended types of oil can void the warranty and/or damage the engine of some lawnmowers. If synthetic oil cannot be used in your mower, do not use synthetic oil in the machine, and discontinue this project.

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