What years did they make the Ford 4000 tractor?

The Ford 4000 tractor was produced between 1965 and 1975. They were built at Ford’s production facility in Highland Park, Mich., and were designed for agricultural use.

Are Ford 4000 tractors any good?

A ford 4000 is an excellent fit for you, but all the troubles this tractor has are disturbing.

How many horsepower is a 4000 Ford diesel tractor?

Ford 4000 Utility tractor is equipped with Ford diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which delivers 55 hp (41.0 kW) power.

What category is a Ford 4000 tractor?

The Ford 4000 tractor has a category 1and 2 three point hitch and a claimed pto of 46 hp.

What year is my old Ford tractor?

To determine this, look at the tractor production code, also known as the unit date code. The first digit of the tractor production code gives the production year. For tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974, the digit corresponds with the last number in the year.

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How much will a Ford 4000 Lift?

Ford 4000 Attachments

Ford 772 Loader
Loader weight: 1054 lbs 478 kg
Breakout force (lift): 4000 lbs 1814 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 2500 lbs 1134 kg
Bucket width: 60 inches 152 cm

Are Ford tractors any good?

In my experience they were good, reliable tractors as long as you didn’t use the dual power too much. In my opinion the dual power was about like the TA on the IH tractors. It was good when it worked but expensive to fix when it didn’t.

What is the horsepower of a Ford 4000 tractor?

Ford 4000

Ford 4000 Power
Engine: 55 hp 41.0 kW
Drawbar (claimed): 41 hp 30.6 kW
PTO (claimed): 46 hp 34.3 kW
Plows: 4

What HP is a Ford 3000 tractor?

Ford 3000

Ford 3000 Power
Engine: 47 hp 35.0 kW
Gasoline PTO (claimed): 37 hp 27.6 kW
Drawbar (tested): 35.43 hp 26.4 kW
PTO (tested): 40.63 hp 30.3 kW

What horsepower is a 5000 Ford tractor?

Ford 5000

Ford 5000 Power
Engine: 69 hp 51.5 kW
Drawbar (tested): 50.85 hp 37.9 kW
PTO (tested): 60.37 hp 45.0 kW
power test details …

How do I tell what year my Ford 4000 tractor is?

You should see five numbers and digits. The first digit will tell you what year the tractor was built in. Ford tractors have a special system to designate the year of production. The number 5 will refer to the year 1965, the number 6 will refer to the year 1966 and so on.

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How much does a 1972 Ford 4000 tractor weigh?

Ford 4000

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 84.5 inches 214 cm
Weight: 4,885 lbs 2215 kg
Front tire: 6.00-16
Rear tire: 12.4-38

How wide is a Ford 4000 tractor?

Ford 4000 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 84.5 inches 214 cm
Length: 137 inches 347 cm
Width: 67.5 inches 171 cm
Height (steering wheel): 63 inches 160 cm

How do you tell the year of a tractor serial number?

The 8th digit of the tractor identification number corresponds to the tractor’s model year. To determine the model year, locate the 8th digit of your identification number and compare it to the appropriate table below. The 8th digit of the number is 1.

How do I identify my old tractor?

The best way to identify a tractor is by the serial number. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The numbers are usually not stamped very deep (or very straight).

What’s an 8N Ford tractor worth?

To give you an idea how year of manufacture affects value, a 1939-1947 9n/2n in similar condition would have a minimum value of around $500 and an older 8N, around $1000. Very few tractors of this era have values that aproach that of the Ford N’s for two reasons: 3 point hitch and parts availability.

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