You asked: Can you cut hay with a flail mower?

The flails in a flail-type mower conditioner are not knives. They do not cut the hay, they are designed to strip some of the waxy coating of the hay to allow faster drying. You can certainly cut hay with a flail mower, but it will greatly reduce the quality of the hay over mowing with a machine designed for the job.

Is a flail mower good for cutting hay?

If you’re talking about a flail cutter, like New Idea or MC made, they’re basically a chopper that drops the hay back on the ground. That’s probably the most aggressive tool you can use for cutting hay.

What will a flail mower cut?

Flail mowers excel at cutting vines and brush. This makes them the perfect choice for areas that are not only grassy but also overgrown with other types of vegetation. Their design does a nice job of mulching what is cut thus returning nutrients to the soil.

Can you use a rotary mower to cut hay?

If you want to produce junk hay then use the Rotary Mower, if you want to produce a quality hay that will contain more nutrients for your livestock then use a mower designed to harvest forages like a sickle bar mower, disc mower, or a Mower Conditioner.

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How high can you mow with a flail mower?

Cutting Height

Flail mowers can be adjusted to cut grass to a 1/2- to 1-inch height, depending on the models.

Is a flail mower better than a brush hog?

A flail mower offers a cleaner cut than a brush hog and doesn’t stick out as far from the tractor. They come set up with either grass blades or hammer blades which are designed to cut through thicker materials.

Is a flail mower better than a slasher?

A slasher is a quick option when it comes to cutting thick tall grass down to 2 inches in height. It can cut through taller grass at a faster speed than a flail mower. … A flail mower cuts and mulches the growth back into the ground therefor leaving a neater finish and it is less likely to leave a windrow.

Who makes the best flail mower?

Top 7 Best Flail Mower For Compact Tractor 2021

Product Name Our Rating
Nova Tractor 61″ Light Duty Ditch Bank Flail Mower 4.8
Nova Tractor 68″ Middle Duty Ditch Bank Flail Mower 4.7
Nova Tractor 76″ Heavy Duty 3 pt Flail Mower 4.7
Farmer Helper Flail Mower 33″ Cat.I 3pt 15HP 4.7

How much horsepower does it take to run a flail mower?

You need approximately 3-5 pto horsepower per foot, depending on the overall width of the mower. The H40 is designed for tractors from 15 to 40 HP and is produced in three mowing widths, 48″, 60″ & 72″. The H70 is ideal for tractors from 30 to 70 HP and working widths of 60″, 72″ & 88″.

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What does a flail mower look like?

A flail mower features “flails” that are bent T- or Y-shaped pieces of metal attached to a rotating drum at the thin end of the flail. As the drum spins, these flails spin at a rate that allows them to tear through brush. These flails are spaced out across and around the drum to provide a thorough cut.

How long after cutting hay can you bale it?

Time your mowing around the most reliable weather forecast you can find. It basically takes about three days of good weather to cure hay.

Can you cut hay with a lawn mower?

Very hard to get useable hay from a lawnmower as it’s too chopped up. You could opt for haylage but it would require a fairly large amount to ferment properly. I recommend you buy a good scythe and harvest by hand. You would be surprised how much good hay you could cut in 20 minutes.

How much HP does it take to run a round baler?

If you are buying a baler first, keep horsepower requirements in mind when pairing with a tractor. PTO horsepower requirements for round balers start at 30 hp and can run up to 120 hp. There are a couple of different options when it comes to bale size in balers.

Can you back up with a flail mower?

It doesn’t cut for beans while backing up. Maybe half of the material gets cut. Never bothered to figure out if it was the knife/hammer rotation or the roller pushing stuff down. As long as there isnt any obstacles or ditches to run into there are no issues.

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