Best answer: What is construction equipment loan?

Similar to a regular equipment loan, heavy equipment loans allow businesses to borrow money for major pieces of machinery and make payments on a schedule, instead of paying up front. Financing heavy equipment helps free up your business’ cash flow while giving you the tools you need to continue serving your customers.

WHat is equipment financing loan?

Equipment financing is a type of small-business loan designed specifically for the purchase of machinery and equipment essential to running your business. You can use an equipment loan to purchase anything from office furniture and medical equipment to farm machinery or commercial ovens.

WHat do you mean by construction equipment?

Construction equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. … They are also known as heavy machines, heavy trucks, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics.

How easy is it to get an equipment loan?

Quick Approval –Generally, equipment loans are approved (or denied) rather quickly. One way to speed up the process is to consider applying with a nontraditional lender such as Kabbage for your small business line of credit.

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How long can you finance construction equipment?

Equipment Loan Terms

Terms are typically 12–72 months and will vary by loan option and lender.

How do you qualify for an equipment loan?

To get equipment financing, you’ll typically need to be in business at least 12 months, have $50,000 or more in annual revenue, and have a credit score of 650 or higher. If your credit score is lower than 650 but you can show proof of solid cash flow and revenues for the past 3-6 months, you can still qualify.

How do equipment loans work?

Equipment loans provide for periodic payments that include interest and principal over a fixed term. As security for the loan, the lender may require a lien on the equipment as collateral against your debt. … You apply and are approved for an equipment loan equal to 80% of the equipment’s cost, or $61,500.

What are the types of construction equipment?

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment

  • Excavators.
  • Backhoe.
  • Dragline Excavator.
  • Bulldozers.
  • Graders.
  • Wheel Tractor Scraper.
  • Trenchers.
  • Loaders.


What are the names of construction equipment?

So, if you are interested in construction, here are 25 construction equipment names you need to know:

  • Boom Lift. A boom lift is a type of aerial platform used to get workers off the ground to work on an elevated project. …
  • Scissor Lift. …
  • Forklift. …
  • Single Man Lift. …
  • Telehandler. …
  • Bulldozer. …
  • Wheel Tractor-Scraper. …
  • Skid Steer Loader.


What is the importance of construction equipment?

Proper use of appropriate equipment contributes to Economy, Quality, Safety, Speed and Timely completion of the Project. Construction equipment is an important part of any construction process.

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How long is an equipment loan?

An equipment loan is a term loan used, as you might guess, to buy equipment. Most equipment loans last between three to seven years, with some lasting as long as 10. In most cases, you’ll be expected to make a down payment of somewhere around 15% of the cost of the equipment.

What is the payment on a 2 million dollar business loan?

You can expect long terms, from seven to 25 years, and rates on the lower end, from 7% to 15% APR. If you were to take out a $2 million business loan at a 9% APR with a 15-year term, your business would be on the hook for monthly repayments of $20,285.33 and a total loan cost of $1,651,359.70.

Can you get a loan for tools?

Equipment loans are commercial loans that allow you to access the equipment you need without paying for it upfront. If approved for an equipment loan, you’ll be able to use the funds to buy the equipment and, in some cases, associated soft costs.

How hard is it to get a loan for heavy equipment?

In general, it’s easier to qualify for heavy equipment loans than other business loans because the equipment acts as collateral. Plus, the amount you borrow is directly tied to the price of the equipment you’re interested in, rather than being based solely on your revenue or business credit score.

WHat banks finance heavy equipment?

Where to Get Heavy Equipment Financing

  • Direct Capital. Direct Capital is an online lender that offers equipment financing of up to $500,000, term lengths ranging from six months to six years, and interest rates as low as 5.49%. …
  • Funding Circle. …
  • Balboa Capital. …
  • eLease. …
  • Crest Capital.
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How do you finance equipment?

With that in mind, here’s a look at five viable ways to finance equipment:

  1. Equipment loans. Best for: Newer businesses that need equipment financing to expand operations. …
  2. Term loans. …
  3. Small Business Administration CDC/504 loans. …
  4. Small business line of credit. …
  5. Business credit card.


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