How is earthwork excavation quantity calculated?

The determination of earthwork quantities is based upon field cross- sections taken in a specified manner before and after excavation. Cross- sections are vertical profiles taken at right angles to the survey centerline. Every section is an area formed by the subgrade, the sideslopes, and the original ground surface.

How do you calculate earthwork quantity?

To determine the mean area, first, sum up the first two rows of total area and then divide it with 2 i.e. 4.32 + 6.72 /2 = 5.52 meter. In this way, other values can be calculated. The value of intervals is given as 30 meter. In this way, the other values can be calculated.

What is mid section formula?

In this formula, the mean depth is to be calculated. First by avergaing the depths of two consecutive sections. From the mean-depth the area of mid-section is to be worked out and volume of arthwork to be compted by multiplying the area of mid-secion by the distance between the two original sections.

How is cut and fill calculated?

The cut or fill depth for each cell is found by subtracting the average existing level of the cell from the average proposed level. If the resultant depth is positive then this is a fill cell, while a negative value indicates a cut cell.

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What is the quantity of excavation?

Excavation Calculation

Volume of Excavation =Length×Width×Depth. Where, ft3 is a total volume (cubic feet) and m3 is a cubic meter. length, breadth and depth in feet/inch.

What is the rate of earthwork excavation?

Example of Rate Analysis of Excavation in Earthwork

Sr No. Description Rate
1 Backhoe Excavator ( Per Day Excator 200 Cu.m.) 7000.00
2 Tractor/Dumper 2000.00
B Labour for Dressing
1 Mason For Leveling 700.00

What is the formula of volume?

Whereas the basic formula for the area of a rectangular shape is length × width, the basic formula for volume is length × width × height.

What is coordinate geometry formula?

In coordinate geometry, Section formula is used to find the ratio in which a line segment is divided by a point internally or externally. It is used to find out the centroid, incenter and excenters of a triangle. In physics, it is used to find the center of mass of systems, equilibrium points, etc.

What is mean section method?

of computing current meter discharge measurements, in use since about. 1908, is generally known as the “mean-section” method. This method is. described in WSP 888, {pp 13-14) as follows: “In making a current-meter. measurement, the total area of the cross section at the place of measure-

How is depth calculated?

Add together the depths. In the above example, 5+9+3+7+11 = 35. Divide the sum of the depths by the number of items you measured. In the example, 35 divided by 5 equals an average depth of 7 inches.

Is cut and fill expensive?

Builders say that putting a concrete slab on a cut and fill site is cheap, and it is until you factor in extra costs to solve the drainage problems that occur after the builder has long gone. Putting in drainage after completion of the home is very expensive.

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When should I cut and fill?

Cut: Areas where the existing elevation exceeds the desired elevation have the “cut” material. Fill: Areas where the existing topography lies below the desired elevation line are the “fill” spaces.

How do you calculate cut and fill by hand?

This method involves drawing horizontal and vertical lines over your site plan to divide it into grid cells of equal size. You then include the existing elevation and proposed elevation for each corner of the grid cells, and work out the difference between the two, as this will be cut or fill depth for that spot.

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