How much does a 320 Caterpillar excavator weight?

Maximum Operating Weight 54450 lbs (24,698 kg)
Minimum Operating Weight 47400 lbs (21,501 kg)
Operating Weight 54450 lbs (24,698 kg)

How many tons is a Cat 320 excavator?

The Cat 320 is one of three new 20-ton size class excavators from Caterpillar.

How much does a CAT 323 excavator weight?

Machine Weight

9 m (9’6″) HD stick, 1.38 m3 (1.81 yd3) HD bucket, 790 mm (31″) triple grouser HD shoes, 5.4 mt (11,900 lb) counterweight. Operating Weight – 600 mm (24″) Shoes 23 900 kg 52,700 lb • Reach boom, R2.

How much does a CAT 325 excavator weight?

Machine Weight

9 m (9’6″) stick HD 0.90 m³ (1.18 yd³) bucket 600 mm (24″) triple grouser shoes and 4900 kg (10800 lb) counterweight. Long undercarriage Reach boom R2. 9 m (9’6″) stick GD 1.19 m³ (1.56 yd³) bucket 790 mm (31″) triple grouser shoes and 8300 kg (18300 lb) counterweight. Long undercarriage Reach boom R2.

How much is a Cat 320?

Just like the CAT 320, the various medium-sized excavator models by this provider are priced between $230,000 and $270,000. Such models weigh between 65,000 and 80,000 pounds and have a power rating of 204 to 268 catpower.

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How much fuel does an excavator use per hour?

It all depends on the excavator. A cat 330 will use between 10 and 14 gallons per hour. And an Hitachi 350 or Komatsu 300 will use between 5 and 8 gallons per hour.

How much can a excavator lift?

At a 10-foot radius, lift-over-end capacities of these machines range from 430 to about 10,000 pounds, and lift-over-side capacities go from 210 to 6,700 pounds.

How wide is a Cat 323 excavator?


Boom Reach 5.7 m (18’8″) Reach 5.7 m (18’8″)
Track Length 14.7 ft 4450 mm
Length to Center of Rollers 12 ft 3650 mm
Track Gauge 7.9 ft 2380 mm
Transport Width 9.9 ft 3170 mm

What is the weight of a Cat 336 excavator?

The next-generation 336 Caterpillar excavator has an operating weight of 81,900 pounds and maximum dig depth of 26 feet 9 inches with a 12-foot-10-inch stick.

How much does a CAT 329 weigh?

Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 11.7 gal (44 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 74 gal/min (280 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 81.9 gal (310 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 5076 psi
Operating Weight 67236.6 lbs (30,498 kg)

How much does a 330 CAT excavator weigh?

Caterpillar 330 excavator and 330 GC excavator have operating weights of 68,125 and 67,460 pounds, respectively, with horsepower ratings of 275 and 204, respectively.

How much does a 315 Caterpillar excavator weight?

Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 50 A
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 49.7 gal (188 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 4980 psi
Operating Voltage 24 V
Operating Weight 34800 lbs (15,785 kg)
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How much does a CAT 326 weigh?

Machine Weight

5CB1 (8’2″) Stick, 600 mm (24″) TG Shoes, 4.0 mt (4.4 t) Counterweight, 1.76 m3 (2.30 yd3) Bucket. **10.2 m (33’6″) SLR Boom, 7.85 m (25’9″) Stick, 790 mm (31″) TG Shoes, 6.75 mt (7.4 t) Counterweight, 0.53 m3 (0.70 yd3) Bucket.

How deep can a Cat 320 excavator dig?

Working Ranges & Forces

Maximum Digging Depth 22.1 ft 6720 mm
Minimum Loading Height 7.1 ft 2170 mm
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 21.5 ft 6550 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 17 ft 5190 mm
Bucket Digging Force – ISO 38811 lbf 150 kN

How much does a new Caterpillar excavator cost?

They are designed for all types of work and are for sale at various prices. Depending on which type you prefer, the CAT excavator pricing range goes from around $100,000 to $850,000. You can buy a new CAT excavator weighing 26,000lbs with a 70hp engine at the lower end of the scale.

How much does a excavator cost per hour?

Average Excavator Hourly Rate

Average hourly rates tend to vary greatly due to location but tend to run between $120 to $150 an hour. That rate includes both the equipment and the operator and often comes with a minimum number of hours – typically at least one day or eight hours.

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