How much does a Bobcat 331 mini excavator weight?

Here is what we know about the Bobcat 331 Mini Excavator. This machine has an engine that produces 40 horsepower and has an operating weight of 7,185 pounds.

How much does a 331 Bobcat weigh?

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 15.3 gal (58 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 24.1 gal/min (91 l/min)
Operating Weight 7185 lbs (3,259 kg)

How much does a Bobcat mini excavator weigh?

Bobcat E26 excavator has an operating weight of 6,489 pounds. The 24.8-horsepower Bobcat E26 excavator is an R Series model with an operating weight of 6,489 pounds.

How much does a Bobcat e35 mini excavator weight?


Operating weight (metric tons): 3.5
Operating weight (lbs): 7,699

How much does a small mini excavator weigh?

Mini and compact excavators are small and mobile, weighing between 5,000 and 14,000 lbs.

How deep can a Bobcat 331 dig?


MAKE Kubota
MAX DIGGING DEPTH 122.1 ft in 37216.1 mm
MAX REACH ALONG GROUND 191.9 ft in 58491.1 mm
MAX CUTTING HEIGHT 14.9 ft in 4539 mm
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How many horsepower is a Bobcat 331 excavator?

Bobcat® 331 Mini Excavator

This machine has an engine that produces 40 horsepower and has an operating weight of 7,185 pounds.

What is the smallest Bobcat?

At just six feet tall and three feet wide, the S70 is Bobcat’s smallest skid-steer loader. The smallest skid-steer loader in Bobcat’s lineup, the S70, has a rated operating capacity of 760 pounds.

Which is the best mini excavator?

The hottest mini excavators on the market

  • The hottest mini excavators on the market.
  • Takeuchi TB216H mini excavator.
  • Kubota U55-4 mini excavator.
  • Bobcat E50 mini excavator.
  • Caterpillar 301.8 mini excavator.
  • Kubota KX040-4 mini excavator.
  • Sunward SWE18UB mini excavator.
  • Agrison ME850 mini excavator.


What does a mini Ex weight?

2,770 kg (6,110 lb.)

How many hours does a mini excavator last?

Mini-excavators typically offer a similar average lifespan of around 10,000 hours. For both excavators and mini-excavators, you’ll want to pay special attention to the undercarriage wear and the condition of the tracks.

How deep will a Bobcat E35 dig?

The Bobcat E35’s maximum digging depth is 10.2 feet (standard arm) and 11.2 feet (long arm). It has a reach of 17.2 feet (standard arm) and 18.1 feet (long arm).

How heavy is a Bobcat E35?

Weight: 18,977 lb.

Can a mini excavator remove stumps?

However, can the mini excavator remove stubborn stumps? Yes, you can remove tree stumps with a mini excavator, but of course, there is a limit to how big a tree stump it can remove. For smaller stumps, a mini excavator can simply pull it out.

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How deep can a mini excavator dig?

A 4,000- to 6,000-pound mini excavator can dig a 10-foot-deep hole. Larger 10,000- to 12,000-pound mini excavators allow dig depths as deep as 14 feet.

What is the cheapest mini excavator?

The Cheapest Mini Excavators – [2021 Pricing & Cost]

  • Bobcat Mini Excavators.
  • Caterpillar Mini Excavators.
  • Komatsu Mini Excavators.
  • Kubota Mini Excavators.
  • Deere Mini Excavators.
  • Yanmar Mini Excavators.
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