How much does a road roller weight?

The roller can be a simple drum with a handle that is operated by one person and weighs 45 kilograms (100 lb) or as large as a ride-on road roller weighing 20 tonnes (20 long tons; 22 short tons) and costing more than US$150,000. A landfill unit may weigh 54 tonnes (53 long tons; 60 short tons).

How much does a asphalt roller weight?

The drums can be either static or vibratory and usually range from 86 to 215 cm (35 to 85 inches) in width and 50 to 150 cm (20 to 60 inches) in diameter. Roller weight is typically between 0.9 and 18 tonnes (1 and 20 tons) (see Figures 1 and 2).

What is the weight of drum in sheep foot roller?

Sheepsfoot Roller Dimension Table Specifications
42 x 48 48 x 48
Gallons per Drum 240 315
Weight Empty 6,100lbs. 6,800lbs.
Weight Filled With Water 10,300lbs 12,120lbs

How much does a road roller cost?

Questions & Answers on Road Roller

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Roller Type Min Price Max Price
Double Drum Roller Rs 210000/Piece Rs 700000/Piece
Single Drum Roller Rs 125000/Piece Rs 3100000/Piece

What is the capacity of pneumatic typed roller in tons?

Dynapac Pneumatic Tyre Rollers, Capacity: 14 Ton

Roller Type Tyre
Capacity 14 ton
Brand Dynapac
Max Working Speed 20 km/h
Rolling Width 2370 mm

Is 2 inches of asphalt enough for a driveway?

For a regular driveway which is going to be used by regular cars, bicycles and bikes; 2 inches of asphalt is thick enough. Generally for resurfacing, 2 inches of asphalt is just about right, but if you are going for a stone surface and need a good base, it is better to layer up the asphalt thicker, around 3 inches.

What is a sheepsfoot roller for?

Sheepsfoot rollers, otherwise known as padfoot or tamping rollers, are rollers with many rectangular-shaped lugs, or “feet.” They’re great for compacting soil and silty clay in road construction work.

Why is it called a sheepsfoot roller?

For the “compaction” of soils in depth the use of so-called sheeps foot rollers is known, this name being due to the fact that, instead of a smooth rim, they have a roliing surface provided with radially projecting spikes which have roughly the shape of a sheeps foot and produce on the ground an effect similar to that …

What is a padfoot roller used for?

These single drum units use a combination of weight, vibration and shearing motions to compact heavy soils. A padfoot roller is best for working with cohesive (sticky) and high water content materials like clay and mud.

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How fast can a road roller go?

per foot, the 3,000-vpm machine can achieve a maximum speed of 3.4 miles per hour, whereas the 4,000-vpm unit can go 4.5 miles per hour.

Does road roller have brakes?

A specially designed most powerful, reliable & dependable foot operated brake system is provided in the road roller.

What is the maximum speed of road roller?

Product Specification

Max Working Speed 2.6 1st GEAR 3.85 2ND 6 3RD 8.3 4TH
Power Supply 110 HP @ 2200 rpm
Surface of Application Cement Concrete Pavement
Engine Power 110 HP @ 2200 rpm
Model NextGen Static Roller

What is advantage of rolling with pneumatic TYRE roller?

Pneumatic rollers are widely used for compaction of sub grades, bases and bituminous mixes. These type of compaction equipment are suitable for soft base materials or layers of loose soil and closely grained sands.

Which type of roller is a multipurpose roller?

1. A __________________ roller is a multi purpose roller which is used for various purposes and for practically all type of roads. Explanation: Smooth wheeled rollers are suitable to compact a wide range of soils, preferably granular soil and pavement material for various layers.

Which type of roller is most suitable for soil compaction?

Silty soils can be effectively compacted by sheepsfoot roller/pneumatic roller or smooth wheel roller. For compacting sandy and gravelly soil, vibratory rollers are most effective. If granular soils have some fines, both smooth wheel and pneumatic rollers can be used.

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