How wide is a 5 tonne excavator?

How wide is a 5 ton digger?

Excavator Overview

The digger comes on rubber tracks to reduce ground damage. Has a width of 1.9m.

How wide is a 3 tonne excavator?

The 3.5 t excavator is suitable for a range of jobs.

Main Features.

Weight 3320 kg
Dimensions 4760 mm L x 1690 mm W x 2440 mm H
Digging depth 3186mm
Lifting capacity 590 kg @ max radius & 2.5m high over front blade down
Speed 4.8 km/h

What is the width of an excavator?

It’s compact, easy to use, and versatile. With an overall width of only 2 ft 5 in, a retractable undercarriage, and foldable FOPS, this machine can easily fit through narrow passages and doors, even elevators.

What is a 5 ton excavator?

Description. 5 ton compact excavators are just the right size to accomplish medium sized jobs that require moving or digging dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, and rubble. These units are great for jobs requiring a digging depth of up to 12′.

How much can a 5 tonne excavator lift?

The Kubota excavators can lift from 480kg to 1.5t depending on the position of the boom and arm.

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How much is it to hire a 5 ton digger?

On average, a 5-ton mini digger will cost between £60 and £95 for a day, and £350 to £400 for a week. This is the base rate, however, and you’ll need to factor in additional costs like travel and operator fees.

How are excavators sizes?

There are many different types of excavator, but they all fall into four main size categories: mini, midi, standard, and large.

How wide is a 7 ton excavator?

Weight 310.9 lb
Width 44.3 in
Overall Length 19.9 in
Overall Height 21.9 in
Pin Diameter 2 in

What weight is a 3 tonne digger?

3-tonne weight class machine is the TB228 weighing in at 2900kg. Compact stylish mini excavator designed for powerful dig performance with massive operating capacity in a compact sized machine.

How do I choose the right size excavator?

Consider the following top specifications to match an excavator to your job:

  1. Engine power. You need an engine strong enough to get around your jobsite and perform tasks. …
  2. Weight. Focus on the maximum operating weight, which will cover the equipment, operator and load options. …
  3. Size. …
  4. Bucket capacity.


How much can an excavator lift?

At a 10-foot radius, lift-over-end capacities of these machines range from 430 to about 10,000 pounds, and lift-over-side capacities go from 210 to 6,700 pounds.

How much does an excavator way?

Standard/Full-Size Crawler Excavators (10 – 90 metric tons; or 22,046 – 198,416 pounds):

How much does it cost to rent a mini Trackhoe?

Mini excavators have an average rental cost between $200 and $500 per day, with heavy-duty models costing as much as $3,000 per day. Mid-range models have an average rental cost between $400 and $1,200 per day. Renting by the week or month typically saves costs on larger or longer projects.

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