What are the things to be considered for effective construction equipment management explain?

What are the things to be considered for effective construction equipment management?

The choice of construction equipment for a job site is a key factor to be considered for timely completion of the project within the stipulated budget.It is crucial that the construction equipment managers thoroughly understand the tasks that need to be completed, the machines that need to be used, the budget and time …

What are the important components when it comes to the management of equipment on a construction site?

Construction equipment management best practices

  • Inventory and track your equipment.
  • Understand the value of your equipment.
  • Provide operators with the proper training.
  • Inspect equipment after use.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Be prepared for breakdowns.
  • Stay up-to-date on project details.
  • Go paperless.

Why construction equipment is essential in relevant for the successful completion of construction project?

Quality and Performance: The work carried out by means of construction equipments is of high standard of quality and performance. The quality is consistent, execution is fast and work is more durable. construction equipments for the development of manufacturing industry and faster industrialization of the country.

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What is effective project management in construction?

Detailed and strategic planning is the most important aspect of successful construction project management. The more complex the project, the more planning will be required. A well-planned project maximizes efficiency and provides a step by step roadmap for completing the work on schedule and within budget.

What is Maintenance Management its objectives and types?

Maintenance is the function whose objective is to ensure the fullest availability of production equipment, utilities and related facilities at optimal cost and under satisfactory conditions of quality, safety and protection of the environment.

How do you manage construction tools?

We outline a few ways these tactics can be implemented into your construction equipment management process for better visibility and profitability.

  1. Calculate Internal Charges for Equipment Use. …
  2. Managing Requests and Delivering Equipment. …
  3. Managing Pickups and Returns. …
  4. Equipment Maintenance. …
  5. Measure your Equipment Utilization.


What is equipment productivity?

It is important to note that equipment productivity is a measure of the overall effectiveness of organisation systems in utilizing labour, equipment and capital to convert labour efforts into useful output, and is not a measure of the capabilities of labour alone.

What are the steps to manage a construction project?

How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

  1. Develop a Project Road-map. …
  2. Defining Roles and Responsibilities. …
  3. The Total Stakeholder Meeting. …
  4. Setting Scope and Baselines. …
  5. Scheduling. …
  6. Developing the Modification Process. …
  7. Developing and Implementing the Quality Plan. …
  8. Developing a Communication Plan.


What is the meaning of equipment management?

Equipment management includes managing, monitoring and maintenance of both motorized assets and non-motorized equipment. … It allows firms to know where their assets are and whether or not they’re being used.

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What do you mean by construction equipment?

Construction equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. … They are also known as heavy machines, heavy trucks, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics.

What is construction equipment?

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT means the equipment, machinery, structures, scaffolding, materials, tools, supplies and systems owned, rented or leased by Contractor or its Subcontractors or Sub-subcontractors for use in accomplishing the Work, but not intended for incorporation into the Project.

What is job layout in construction?

A job layout is prepared to promise that work proceeds smoothly without any obstruction. … And job layout can be defined as a site drawing of the proposed construction showing the location of entry, exit, temporary services, material stores and stocks, plant or equipment and site offices.

What are the five phases of construction?

The five phases of the construction project lifecycle are: Project Initiation and Conception.

  • Project Initiation and Conception. …
  • Project Planning and Definition. …
  • Project Execution and Launch. …
  • Project Performance. …
  • Project Close.


What are the 3 types of construction?

Broadly, there are three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure and industrial: Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential.

What is construction strategy?

‘A strategy that considers specific aspects of the design that may affect the buildability or logistics of constructing a project, or may affect health and safety aspects. …

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