What is the reach of a mini excavator?

With a peak digging force of 5,395 lbs. and outstanding maneuverability, the mini-excavator has a maximum digging depth of 9 feet with 15 feet of reach.

How far can an excavator reach?

Ultra high reach demolition excavators (UHD) are demolition excavators with several tens of meters of reach. Reaches of up to 48 metres (157 ft) are in operation as of 2016. As of 2017 there are UHD machines that can reach 67 meters.

How far down can you dig with a mini excavator?

A 4,000- to 6,000-pound mini excavator can dig a 10-foot-deep hole. Larger 10,000- to 12,000-pound mini excavators allow dig depths as deep as 14 feet.

How deep can a mini digger go?

As with all machines, the dig depth capable varies between models, with some machines limited to 1.2m whilst others are capable of depths of 3.7m. The average digging depth for a mini excavator is approximately 3m, which allows the machines to be used in a number of projects including residential construction.

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What are the dimensions of a mini excavator?

Dimensions:The Bobcat 324 is a compact rubber track mini excavator with a narrow width of just 38.6″ and 153.7″ in length, and has a height of 85.5″. It’s maximum dumping height is 8.7 feet (vs. 6 feet for the 418).

What is the best excavator brand?

Top 10 Excavator Companies

  • Volvo CE. Volvo Construction Equipment, a subsidiary of Swedish car maker Volvo, develops, manufactures and sells equipment for construction related industries, including trucks, mining and construction machinery. …
  • Caterpillar Inc. …
  • Komatsu. …
  • Doosan. …
  • Hitachi. …
  • JCB. …
  • Liebherr Group. …
  • Deere & Company.


What is the biggest excavator in the world?

1 – Caterpillar 6090 FS Excavator

At an operating weight of an astounding 1,000 tonnes, the 6090 FS is the world’s largest excavator.

Can I dig a pond with a mini excavator?

If you intend to dig a small personal pond, a compact excavator is the best variety for the job. If your project requires a depth of more than 14 feet, however, you may want to opt for a standard excavator.

Can a mini excavator dig through roots?

The ditcher might work to cut off the roots, but the mini excavator will be much better for actually removing the roots. It will probably also be easier to repair any damage you do to the yard as well, having that front blade on it will help fill in the holes.

Can a mini excavator level ground?

Quick Tip to Level land With Mini Excavator

When you don’t have a grading bucket available you can quickly and easily use a 4×4 as the straight edge to drag your sand or gravel to a level grade.

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Can a mini digger break up concrete?

A 1.5/3 ton/micro digger does not have the power to pull concrete up if it’s not already broken up. Diggers are not that hard to use but are hard to use well, don’t expect to be able to grade well etc.

Can I drive a micro digger?

Well digger driving is the same. You need to have done the hours of grading and levelling to get good at it. Even trench work is easy to get wrong. As a novice you may end up doing more damage to the surrounding walls/fences/trees or whatever than you would have paid the driver to do it for you.

Do I need a mini digger?

Mini diggers are rather small excavators and while they may look too small to use for many jobs, they’re actually ideal for smaller projects. If you have a landscaping job that you need done, but don’t have the space for a larger digger, a mini one will do the trick.

What is the best brand of mini excavator?

The hottest mini excavators on the market

  • The hottest mini excavators on the market.
  • Takeuchi TB216H mini excavator.
  • Kubota U55-4 mini excavator.
  • Bobcat E50 mini excavator.
  • Caterpillar 301.8 mini excavator.
  • Kubota KX040-4 mini excavator.
  • Sunward SWE18UB mini excavator.
  • Agrison ME850 mini excavator.


How do I choose the right size mini excavator?

Consider the following top specifications to match an excavator to your job:

  1. Engine power. You need an engine strong enough to get around your jobsite and perform tasks. …
  2. Weight. Focus on the maximum operating weight, which will cover the equipment, operator and load options. …
  3. Size. …
  4. Bucket capacity.
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What is the cheapest mini excavator?

The Cheapest Mini Excavators – [2021 Pricing & Cost]

  • Bobcat Mini Excavators.
  • Caterpillar Mini Excavators.
  • Komatsu Mini Excavators.
  • Kubota Mini Excavators.
  • Deere Mini Excavators.
  • Yanmar Mini Excavators.
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