How much is a flatbed truck?

Most new flatbed trucks cost anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000. Medium-duty trucks with fewer features fall on the low end of that price range while heavy-duty trucks with lots of upgrades fall on the higher end.

Are flatbed trucks cheaper?

Surprisingly, flatbed stake-side trucks are much cheaper than the same-year used pickup. There is a high resale value on pickups because of the demand. The resale on the used medium-duty truck is much lower due to the lower demand.

What is a flatbed pickup truck used for?

Flatbed Trucks are typically used for hauling heavy or odd-shaped materials. Their unique bed design allows for easy loading when using forklifts and other like types of equipment.

What do Flatbed trucks carry?

Building and Construction Materials – Along with metal piping, I-Beams, steel frames, concrete, and various other construction materials, a flatbed truck transports large and heavy equipment, including backhoes, cranes, bobcats, and so on.

How much can a flatbed carry?

Standard flatbed trailers

The maximum weight capacity is 48,000 pounds. Standard flatbed trailers are typically loading dock height (58”), and are used for freight that requires top, side or rear loading.

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Should I buy a flatbed truck?

Suitable for Heavy Loads

You may also want to choose a flatbed truck if you have to regularly haul heavy loads. These trucks can hold even the heaviest of materials and machinery, including farm equipment, construction equipment, and more. When your cargo items are too heavy for traditional trucks, go with a flatbed.

What’s the difference between a flatbed and a pickup truck?

A flatbed truck is a type of truck with unique bodywork, consisting of a flat ‘bed’ that, unlike a regular bed in pickup trucks, has no sides or roof.

How do you make money with a flatbed truck?

9 Ways To Make Money With a Truck and Trailer

  1. Provide a Hauling Service. …
  2. Provide a Moving service. …
  3. Provide a Delivery Service. …
  4. Provide a Rental service. …
  5. Provide a Yard Care service. …
  6. Advertise On & Use Your Truck As a Billboard. …
  7. Provide a Trash removal and Clean-Out Service. …
  8. Provide a Snow Plowing Service.


Can you put a truck camper on a flatbed?

The simple answer is to build a flatbed truck and truck camper. With a flatbed truck, there are no side rails. The truck deck is essentially the full width of the truck, at wheel well height. It’s like building above the rails, if the rails were the same height as the wheel wells.

How long are flatbed trucks?

Why Use It? The standard flatbed trailer is extremely versatile, with 48 feet available to load materials or equipment. Some standard flatbeds are 53 feet long, but are not as common.

What are the benefits of a flatbed?

Flatbed trucks are made to handle immense loads. They can tackle heavy weights that might be too much for trailers or other vehicles. You can fit plenty onto it, which means fewer trips back and forth too. You’ll also have an easier time handling large oddly shaped loads.

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What is oversize flatbed?

It is impossible to discuss flatbed trucks without mentioning wide loads and oversize loads. … On the other hand, an oversize load is any load that is wider, higher, or heavier than is regularly permitted to travel in the area. Oversized loads require permitting, and may also necessitate an escort.

How much weight can a 53 ft flatbed carry?

With a few exceptions in the US it’s 80,000 pounds. 12.000 on the steer axle, 34000 on the drive axles and 34.000 on the trailer tandems. The amount they can load is whatever the truck weighs empty subtracted from 80,000 pounds, which in most cases is 45.000 pounds. Some more, some less, but that’s about the average.

What is the maximum weight allowed on a flatbed?

The heavier the load, the more axles your flatbed truck will need. The Authorised Weight Regulations 1998 set out that: 2 axle flatbed trucks have a maximum combined weight of 18,000kg. 3 axle flatbed trucks have a maximum combined weight of 25,000kg (26,000kg with road-friendly suspension)

What’s better flatbed or step deck?

The biggest question to ask when considering a step deck vs. flatbed trailer is what type of freight you’ll be hauling. If you know that freight will typically be shorter, a traditional flatbed trailer will serve your needs. If your freight exceeds 8′ 6” tall, a step deck trailer will serve you needs best.

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