Who makes Continental cargo trailers?

Continental Cargo is proud to be a division of Forest River, Inc., the largest manufacturer of Cargo Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and Marine Products.

Are Continental cargo trailers any good?

Just comparing the base model 6×12 cargo trailers, Continental comes out on top for durability because they have a 0.030” width of aluminum skin standard on their trailers. … Renown also offers several packages which can dramatically increase a cargo trailer’s durability, functionality, aesthetics, and hauling capacity.

Are Continental cargo trailers aluminum?

Open Aluminum trailer range in size from a 5X8 single axle to 7×18 tandem axle car hauler. The standard payload capacities range from 1,800 to 5,985 lb.

What brand of cargo trailer is best?

Top Enclosed Trailer Brands

  • Look. The Look trailer brand has focused their time on becoming the best trailer brand instead of the biggest. …
  • Haulmark. …
  • Continental Cargo. …
  • Pace American. …
  • Diamond Cargo.

Does Forest River make cargo trailers?

Forest River Cargo Offers a Variety of Cargo, Utility, Dumping, and Open Trailers to Meet Your Everyday Needs. Forest River, Inc., Cargo Trailer Divisions manufacture a wide range of products that meet diverse business needs.

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Who makes the best aluminum cargo trailer?

For more than 25 years, Aluma has been a heavy weight in the lightweight aluminum utility trailer market, dominating with quality, choice, durability, and an industry-leading warranty.

Who makes the best enclosed motorcycle trailers?

10 Best Motorcycle Trailers in 2021

  • Best motorcycle trailer for tie-down security — Featherlite 1694. …
  • Best motorcycle trailer for affordable protection on the road — Carry-On 6 x 14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer. …
  • Best motorcycle trailer for an unlimited budget — Blackout Stealth Titan 7×14.


Where is the VIN number on a Continental cargo trailer?

Load Trail VIN numbers are found on the VIN sticker of your trailer. This sticker is typically located near the front of the trailer on the driver’s side. In some instances, the sticker has been relocated to allow for special trailer configurations. 8.

How do you read a VIN number on a trailer?

These first three characters cover the make of the trailer and the country it was manufactured in.

  1. Make / Country of Manufacture. …
  2. Trailer Type / Attachment (Product Line) …
  3. Trailer Length. …
  4. Number of Axles. …
  5. Check Digit (9) …
  6. Year of Manufacture (10) …
  7. Production Plant (11) …
  8. Serial Number (12-17)


How much does a Continental boat trailer weigh?

Our Price: $6,095

Condition: new
Floor Length: 27′ 6″ or 330.00″
Width: 8′ 8″ or 104.04″
Weight: 1660 lbs
GVWR: 10160 lbs

Why are cargo trailers so expensive?

Each component of a trailer is made by different manufacturers which in turn are dealing with increased costs. All of these increases add up to create a big increase in the price of a trailer over last year.

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Do enclosed trailers hold their value?

A well built 6 x 10 enclosed trailer will save you about 180lbs off of a 1200lb steel trailer. … An aluminum trailer will maintain a much higher resale value for the usable life of the trailer.

How long do cargo trailers last?

One of the most common — and most important — questions we hear is, “How long does a trailer last?” That entirely depends on the quality of the trailer, the type of trailer, and how well you maintain it. However, we will say that an average high-quality enclosed trailer will last between 10 and 15 years.

Where are Cargo Mate trailers built?

Car Mate Trailers, Inc. in Leeper, PA, manufactures the best quality cargo and utility trailers in the industry backed by the industry’s best warranty, LIFETIME PLUS 10.

Who makes duracraft trailers?

It’s not what it costs you. It’s what it SAVES you!

Manufacturer Forest River
Overall Length 8′
Dry Weight 793 lbs
GVWR 2,990 lbs

Who makes lightning trailers?

Lightning Trailers is proud to be a division of Forest River Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company and the leading manufacturer of Recreational Vehicles.

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