Your question: How much should I pay someone to Snowblow my driveway?

Snow plowing a driveway costs $30 to $70 per visit on average. The average price to snowblow a steep or gravel driveway costs $50 to $100 or more.

How much does it cost to Snowblow?

If you hire a professional to snow blow your driveway and sidewalk for you, the average cost is about $50 (approximately $67 CAD).

How much should I charge for shoveling a driveway?

Cost to Plow a Driveway

It’ll cost $30 to $50 to plow a driveway up to about 60 feet in length and two car stalls in width. In some cases, this includes the sidewalk along the street. Optionally, heated driveways cost $12 to $21 per square foot but this means removing and installing new asphalt or concrete.

How do you estimate snow plowing?

A good rule of thumb for any removal project over six inches is to add $30 per additional half-foot of snow. So, removal of six inches might start at $85, while removal of 18 inches would cost $145. Many contractors require a deposit, usually around $50 at the beginning of the season.

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How much should I charge for salting?

The cost per bag varies within a range of $25 to $40 per bag, whereas per ton cost can be from $130 to $175.

How much should I charge for salting?

Type Cost
Shoveling $50-$100 per hour
Snow blowers $50-$100 per hour
Snow plowing $75 per standard driveway/snow event, on average
Roof snow removal $90-$100 per hour

How long does it take to plow a driveway?

It takes 30 minutes or more to plow depending on how much snow has to be moved. About 1.5 hours to snowblow.

Is snow plowing profitable?

Fast-forward to present-day and plowing snow can be very profitable when done correctly. Some people can earn more money plowing snow than many earn in a full year at their full-time job. It is not uncommon for a snow plowing business to earn $50,000 or more per plow truck during a single Winter!

What is a reasonable price for snow shoveling?

Snow Removal Cost by Method

Method Cost
Salting $10 – $20 per Hour $20 – $40 per Snow Event
Shoveling $50 – $100 per Hour $30 – $90 per Snow Event
Snow Blowers $50 – $100 per Hour $35 – $75 per Snow Event
Snow Plowing $40 – $90 per Hour $75 – $150 per Standard Driveway/Snow Event

How do you ask someone to shovel their driveway for money?

Ask him/her about the difficulty and tiresome experience of shoveling the snow. Tell them about your offer which will allow them to spend more time warm inside while you do the work out in the cold. You can also do it a couple of times or something (I’m from Cali) and make a deal.

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Is it bad to leave snow on your driveway?

Leaving snow on your driveway for days can cause damage as it melts. Water leaking into cracks and freezing will damage your driveway as the ice expands. … If your driveway is uneven, a snowplow can cause significant damage.

What was the world record for the most snowfall in a 24 hour period?

The greatest snow in a 24-hour period occurred at Capracotta, Italy, on March 5, 2015: 100.8 inches. (For comparative purposes, Chicago’s largest 24-hour snowfall is 23.0 inches on January 26-27, 1967.) And on February, 14, 1927, Mt. Ibuki, Japan, recorded the world’s greatest snow accumulation: 38.8 feet.

How much does a Boss V plow cost?

Info Part # Price
»Details« BOSS UTV POLY 6 ST $2,964.00
»Details« BOSS UTV STEEL 5-6 V $3,318.00
»Details« BOSS UTV STEEL 6-6 V $3,646.00
»Details« BOSS XT POLY 8-2 $7,182.00

How much should I charge for shoveling snow as a kid?

It’s better to agree on both the fee and the job upfront. I’d say that for shoveling snow, $10 to $20 makes sense as a starting point for most jobs. But be prepared to adjust from there depending on your expectations. Do you want the kids to shovel your driveway as well as the sidewalk?

How many square feet will a ton of salt cover?

Although this is only an approximate, a general rule is that one ton of rock salt will melt 64,000 square feet.

How much area does a 50 lb bag of salt cover?

A 50-pound bag of the material will hold about 80 cups. One cup will melt about 20 square feet of ice. So one bag will typically take care of about 1600 square feet. You can figure an average home has about 1000 square feet of driveways and walkways, including steps.

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How much does a ton of salt cost?

Since there are 2,000 pounds in a ton, this makes the average price per ton between $240.00 and $280.00 When you are using a significant amount of rock salt per winter, this price is usually not too bad, and quite manageable for those who are used to paying for large salt orders.

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